Friday, August 26, 2011

Silent Treatment

I love the commercial that is presently airing for a new sitcom.

The female lead is giving advice to all women out there about what to do when they get in an argument with their significant other....and, they are feeling angry inside.

"Dont give them the silent treatment!" she admonishes,  "That is not punishment to a man..."

It then shows the man sitting there happily watching television as she sits quietly....not talking.

She suggests that, instead, we should talk on and on about anything and everything that they probably have no desire to discuss, much less hear.

I "silently" laugh inside at the truth of this.

Shhhh....don't tell the men. : )


Granny Annie said...

I am learning this about a day late but now I have ammunition for the next time.

Susan Adcox said...

Too true! The silent treatment just punishes us. It's kind of like that George Carlin routine about parents who send kids to their room. "Cool! That's where all my stuff is."