Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tornadoes, Earthquakes and Hurricanes...oh my!

Craziness abounds as Mother Nature continues to amaze, frighten, and confuse us.

It is difficult to fathom the destructive forces of nature lately. It certainly is gaining respect as a force to be reckoned with and not to be taken lightly!

My concerns for Florida and Hurricane Irene...where some of my family lives.....have now changed to the Eastern seaboard to the north of them.  I am hopeful that Irene will lose some of it's power as it continues to make it's way up the coast.  With one son and his family in D.C., you can bet that I will be keeping an eye on things in the next few days!

While taking my morning walk today, I came upon a city employee marking some lines on our newly-paved road.

We exchanged "hello's" and then he commented; "This is a lovely neighborhood, but the flying bugs here are terrible.  It must be because of all of the trees in this area."

Thinking about the high tax rates we pay to live in this beautiful part of the city, I replied, "Oh, yeah....we pay extra for the bugs!"

A week from Saturday I will be heading up north to Minnesota to spend a few days with Adam, Jenny, Owen and Audrey. I cannot wait to get my arms around all of them!  It has been waaay too long....

We will have a small celebration for Owen as he turns 5 while I am there.  He decided that he wanted his birthday theme to be "rock star".  So, it looks like I will be adding some fun, colorful hair extensions to my hair....and maybe getting a temporary tattoo or two. Now if I can just find my old black leather pants....

My pottery classes are over for now so I am taking a "breather" for a few weeks before starting some new pre-holiday classes. This will give me a chance to begin to build up my own inventory of pieces before the holiday season occurs....I'm looking forward to getting creative again and getting my hands in that clay!

Ten o'clock here and my bed is calling...

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