Friday, October 14, 2011

Back again?

It is hard to stay away from posting....even though I haven't had much time to just sit and type my thoughts out lately....Today seems like a "calmer", I think that I will go ahead and write!

One question that I have for myself is; "Why aren't I finding enough time to do all of the things that I love?"

I'm not sure that I can actually answer that definitively as I try to figure it all out....but, I do know that there just never seems to be enough hours (or energy!!) in a day lately. 

Magazines and other reading materials are continuing to pile up.  If it is real quiet I can hear them calling out; "Read me! Read me!". 

My desk in the office is overrun with papers, papers, and more papers.  I have my bin where I place "all- things-important-enough-to-not-throw-out" but to read later.  And, then there is the large plastic box that I keep in the hallway closet that is filled to the top with "important-stuff-that-I-might-need-for-tax-purposes".
Finally, there are the little piles that line the width and length of my rather large desk area.  Even my printer has a stack of printed items awaiting my perusal.

Down in the dungeon (pottery studio) I have several bags of clay waiting to be created into something well as many dried pieces awaiting my painting skills.

My closet is still filled with many of my summer things as I stuffed some fall and winter wear in there, but haven't removed all traces of the lightweight clothing.

Dust is forming on all surfaces around the house as my cleaning efforts have also gone by the wayside.  When it gets really bad, I grab a roll of paper towels and some Windex and go to town....but not often enough, I guess.  And, of course, the darn dust always seems to return shortly after it has been cleaned.

Some of my computer games have even been ignored. Horrors! (ha ha)  I know that my turns  on "Hanging With Friends" and "Words With Friends" are way overdue.  If I don't take my turn soon, the "friends" may give up on me!

So, here I sit.....lamenting my lack of time organization.....but, the sun is out, it is a beautiful Friday morning....and I am going to put on my shoes and take a nice, long walk instead of dealing with all of the above for right now.....



Granny Annie said...

Sounds like we both suffer from piles:)

Oh my goodness, my word verification is "hip hag". I might just change my name. LOL

Anonymous said...

Funny... I understand all these "problems" ;)

Susan Adcox said...

Oh, boy, can I relate! But those piles of stuff and the dust can wait until after you have a nice walk. Getting moving is the most important thing that most of us can do!

Grandma Mary said...

I think a magical thing happens when you turn 60. You finally realize that dusting is a continuous chore and who really cares. I have cooked for 45 years and I just don't want to anymore, even though I continue to do so. I also have found that I can sit and knit for hours where I use to think I had to be running around doing all the time. This year I am volunteering at my granddaughter's school sometimes twice a week helping 2 2nd graders read and comprehend better. That's been a good thing. It just dawned on me, you usually travel quite a it and I can't remember the last time you went somewhere. My diagnosis is you are caught in a rut. The Ozarks are alive with beautiful fall colors and I appreciate that. But in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "oh my winter and Christmas" is just around the corner. Hope you blog again soon. Miss you.