Friday, December 02, 2011

Dried peas, cars, doll shoes, and wooden pieces...

As I continue to clean up the house since the " Grandchildren Invasion" : ) I am finding interesting things in unseen places.

Pushing the mop under a cabinet in the great room, a little toy car came sliding out.

While vacuuming, I came upon a multitude of dried peas....and, even a few "petrified" carrot cubes...
Several wooden pieces from the "dress up the wooden doll" kits were treasures waiting to be found.

Speaking of dolls....I have now collected several sets of "Barbie" shoes.  Not sure what to do with them....but, they are awfully cute!

All of these remnants brought a smile to my face as I continue to think about the wonderful time I had with  the kiddos in my home for Thanksgiving....and these beautiful faces that I love so much were well worth the occasional surprises found on the floor... :  ]


Granny Annie said...

That will not change as they grow older. The "left behinds" will change however from toys to phones, ipods, chargers, etc.

One of the children's grandmother's had a glass front door and she would wait weeks before she could wash away their tiny finger and hand prints left on the door.

My goodness your grandchildren are growing way too fast! Who thought they could become even more beautiful and handsome:)

Beverly said...

Not an ugly one in the bunch! They are so adorable. I love the girls in their pink and purple.

It's hard to believe our oldest are five, isn't it.

Grammie said...

Hi Beverly and Annie
Thanks for your (always) wonderful comments...Yes, I am struggling with how grown up they have gotten.
It's all happening way too quickly for I am sure you both understand!