Saturday, December 03, 2011

There was more than one turkey neck for T'giving!


I have inherited (always blame genetics!) the beginnings of, for lack of a better description, what I call a "turkey neck".

It is showing up more and more these days and is especially prominent in candid photos.  Oh, how I ahbor those photos taken when I am not aware of it.

Candid shots do not give me enough time to "get into position".  By that I mean pulling my head slightly upwards and out to stretch the area under my chin.  When standing, I can also lean a bit forward....but, have found that this can look awkward in group shots!  I have also been told that one can press the tongue up to the top of your mouth to tighten the neck area.

But, in actuality, the very best thing to do is to have the photographer get above you....WAY above you when taking the picture.  It is amazing to see the difference that this can make.

For example, with my begging prompting, my dear daughter-in-law actually stood up on a stool to take this photo of me and my sons.

Ah.....another thing to add to the joys of aging!!

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Granny Annie said...

Oh, so that's why all the mirrors in your home are on the ceiling:)