Tuesday, December 06, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

When the cold rain stopped this morning, I decided to "kill two birds with one stone" and do my walk and get to the grocery store in one fell swoop.

I grabbed two of my "environmentally friendly" Publix bags, put in a bottled water, my cell phone and, the all important credit card and was on my way.

The store is only a little over 2 miles both ways from my home....and, I have done this before....so I was very comfortable with it.

My neighbor passed me in his car and tried to talk me into letting him drive me to the store.  "No, thanks," I replied, "this is my morning exercise!".

About halfway there, a friend pulled over, asked me if I needed a ride....when I said "no" she pulled into a driveway and we had a nice chat for a while....After that, I reached into one of the bags, pulled out my cell phone, and made a call to Mom.

Arriving at Publix, I went to the aisles that had the few things that I needed and headed to the check-out.
Of course, I got a few more things than I thought I would....so, as the gal began to check out my groceries, I became a little worried about carrying all of this stuff home.

Well, it wasn't really an issue, because when I went to get my credit card out....it wasn't there!!!!  What?!?!
I was positive that it was in there when I left the house.  A search of the store ensued by me and the bagger.
No luck.

So, I left the groceries there and headed back home to trace my steps and see if I could find my missing credit card....or, at the very least, go home, get money and head back to the store in my car.

Aha! About halfway between the store and my house, I found it lying on the wet sidewalk!  I realized that I had probably dropped it when I reached in for my phone...

Back to the grocery I went...eager to pay for my "saved" groceries and get this whole thing over with.

Finally, lugging my (very) heavy bags, I began the trek home again.  At this point, I was quite tired and was hopeful that I would now get an offer for a ride home.

It was not to be.

Like I said, it seemed like a good idea at the time.... : O

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Granny Annie said...

Don't you wish you had found your credit card closer to home so you could get in the car and drive back for the groceries?