Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eiffel Tower and a Beret

Home from an incredible trip to Paris!

Once back home....I had a bit of trouble getting acclimated to the time difference...and, my stomach wasn't too happy with all of the croissants, pastries, cheese, and wine that I had been partaking in while there.  With all of the rich delicacies....my favorite sweet was actually a very plain (my friends said "dry" would be more accurate)butter cookie from one of the Patisseries.  It had sliced almonds on the top and a slight almond-y flavor.  If I could have, I would have taken several of them home with me!

Flying business class was an experience that I will never forget....nor, will I probably ever (never) get to do again!  As soon as you walk onto the plane you are immediately taken care of.  For the evening flight, our coats were taken from us and hung up with care....and a glass of champagne was offered. (Yes, of course, I took them up on this!)  We then got to pick our evening meal from a lovely menu....and, of course, the wine of our choice.  Such fun!

Our seats had a nice big pillow as well as a quilted blanket and a kit filled with toothpaste/brush, comfy socks, moisturizing cream, etc. etc..  These were in case we would be lucky enough to sleep....(I wasn't....even though I tried....and, even took an Ambien half!)  Oh, and the nice warm, moist towel that I was handed to use was so heavenly!

As you can tell, I am loving all of this pampering. : )  Even though I didn't sleep, I enjoyed watching my own little private television to watch some newly released movies.  Delightful.  And, these seats!  They unfolded almost all the way back...so relaxing.  And, who gets leg room like this?!?!  Only royalty, I am quite sure!

But, enough about the flight.  I was going to Paris!!!

....and, so, the adventure began...

(more to follow)

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Granny Annie said...

Aren't you just the cutest lil ole thang in that beret!