Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ooh La La

...also known as "Grammie does Paree!"

After months of talking about it....it is finally here: I'm leaving for Paris Thursday morning!

I am "semi" packed even though I keep taking things out and adding other things in.  I found out today that the weather is going to be a bit chilly....lows 18 degrees and highs in the low 20's-30's.  The keyword here is "layering"...and, that includes long underwear!

I will try and blog while there....so, hang on...it's going to be quite a ride!


Granny Annie said...

Have fun and BE CAREFUL. I'm reading a book about murder in France.... (Glad that doesn't happen in the U.S.)

June Calender said...

Yes, take layers, don't forget a hat and a scarf and gloves. If you wrap yourself warmly you should be able to enjoy the marvelous boulevards and avenues, spend afternoons happily in the great museums and eat in delightful little cafes. Have a lovely time.

Susan Adcox said...

So very excited for you! Although I don't think it will be sidewalk cafe weather.