Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday I watched my oldest grandson, Owen, do his homework....

...without leaving the comforts of my home.  Watching him fill in the spaces on his Kindergarten homework (!) was quite fun.  I marveled at how bright he was as he wrote his numbers on the sheet.

I also got to chat with my granddaughter, Audrey, as she ate her dinner....even getting a view of what was in her mouth as she moved in for a close-up! That was a little more than I bargained for....but, funny, nonetheless.  The day before she was showing me the "princess" dress that she had on and even did a couple of swirls around the kitchen to show it off. 

This is all thanks to Skype and Facetime.

I also love my chats with Celia as she sits in front of the computer and discusses her world with giggles and silliness interspersed.  She also loves to show me her outfits including her newest pair of shoes....the latest ones being her bright, red Maryjanes.

When he is awake, I get to smile at Dylan as he flirts right back with me.  He still isn't quite sure how Grammie gets into that little box on the screen....but, he seems to enjoy it. I imagine that he presumes that I live in there?!  And, while I wasn't there for the actual first time....I did get to see some of his very first steps online.

Of course nothing takes the place of being there in person....having the opportunity to hold them in my arms and cuddle with them....sharing up close and personal moments with them....but, I am so grateful to the brilliant minds who have made this technology available to grandparents all over the world who live far away from their grandchildren.

I remember seeing futuristic scenes years ago about actually getting to see the person that one was talking to and I can recall wondering if that would ever really occur in my lifetime. 
Now I wonder, can "smell-a-vision" be far behind? Or "hug-a-vision".....or.....
:  )


Granny Annie said...

Just watch out for virus-a-vision. Those little munchkins are big carriers and when they can infect us via cyberspace we are doomed!

Susan Adcox said...

Hooray for you for being so technologically adept! I have Skyped but am still not 100% comfortable with it.