Saturday, January 14, 2012

5:00 a.m.?!?!

Several weeks ago, when Dave told me that he needed to be at the airport by 5:30 in the morning to catch a flight, I smugly smiled.

"Right!'" I said, laughing.

But, he was, off we went today  in the early morning I drove him there so that he could fly home for the long weekend to check on his 90 yr. old mom.

There aren't a whole lot of cars out that time of the day.... and I must say that the lights of the city hide a lot of the not-so-pretty, it was actually a nice drive....bleary eyes and all.

When I returned home, I quickly put my pink polka dotted pj's (Dave calls me "Dottie" when I wear them!!) back on and proceeded to fall back asleep until 9:30!  I was shocked in that I rarely sleep that late....but, now I should be able to go through my day with a little more clarity.  : )
So, the Paris trip is now only 19 days away!  I am such a novice with this kind of travel so I am filled with a million questions.  Besides the changing into my pajamas one (!), I am wondering about important things like; "How does one say 'where is the nearest bathroom' in French?" and "May I have some more croissants, please?"

When the kids/grandkids were all here for Thanksgiving, my son, Adam, was sporting a (sort of) mustache that he was growing as part of the "Movember Men's Cancer Awareness" project.  All men are asked to grow some hair above their lip for the entire month of November.  This started in Australia where mustaches are known as "Mo's"...thus the name, "Movember".

Anyway, when my other son planned to have a photographer come to the house to take some family photos, Adam wasn't sure about having his photo taken while sporting this (sort of) mustache.....soooooo, one of my daughter-in-law's decided that we should all have a mustache and purchased several fake ones for the rest of the group.

This made for some interesting (and, hairy) family shots.

(Jeffrey, Celia, Janet, Dylan, Audrey, Adam, Owen, Jenny--
Dave, me,and, my sister, Marsha)

                                                             (Adam and his group)

                                                   (Are we finished with these photos yet?)


Susan Adcox said...

There's nothing like fake mustaches to loosen up the group for picture-taking!

Grammie said...

Believe me....this group doesn't need any loosening up, Susan!
Thanks for all of your comments!!
: )