Friday, January 13, 2012

"Do we change into our pajamas on the flight to France?"

I asked, very seriously.

After all, I was told that we would be (trying) to fall asleep on our nine hour, I figured that we must be changing into pj's.

Not true....I quickly learned.

Well, it might have made for an interesting flight....don't ya think?
"I can see clearly now....."

Yep.  I had my windows cleaned inside and out the other day.  Other than the fact that the workers did not speak much English, they did a very good job.  I can't remember the last time that I had this done!
They had to remove the storm windows, clean them, and then put everything back in place.  It was hard work....but the results were well worth the expense.

"Roll Tide" seemed to be the phrase of the day this past week when Alabama played LSU for the football national title.

Now, I am not saying that I live in the "Football Capital" of the world....but, everywhere I went, the color red was being displayed...on clothing, on cars....etc. etc.

Everyone that you passed on the street or in stores was decked out in "Alabama attire"...and, of course, one did not walk by someone without muttering "Roll Tide!" followed by a fist pump.

Luckily, no one knew that I was actually a University of Florida alum.

(Go Gators?)

We are having a bit of a cold spell right now....and, I love it.  There is something so invigorating about the crisp air that comes with the cold fronts heading down from the north.

Unfortunately, my son and family in Minnesota are having temps in the single digits.

Not so invigorating for them. : O
Have a nice weekend, all.....and, stay warm.

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Granny Annie said...

Oh Grammie, I loved this entire post but kept going back to the image created in the first paragraph. Can't you just picture a whole airplane full of passengers who are sleeping in their PJ's. They would have had to change in the aisles because it would take all night to wait for a free bathroom.