Friday, January 06, 2012

Life 101

The older I get, the more that I am reminded that I must appreciate every single moment....because things can change at any time...and, lately they have been.

Without recounting all of the difficult and challenging things that have come to be, I will say that all of them involve health issues....not with me, but with people I love....including a "way too quick" loss of a friend. The latter has left a pall over much of my community....and, hardly a day goes by that her name is not mentioned and that her family is not thought of.

My unusually upbeat Mom has had to deal with loss at the home several times already....most recently, the sudden, and unexpected, passing of a dear friend who was one of the "group" that eat together every day....and, this stress and anxiety put her in the hospital for tests all day yesterday.  Thank God, she tested out fine and is back home and doing well today.

Dave's 90 year old mom is also going through her own challenges right now ....and dealing with it long distance has been extremely difficult on him.

So, the fact is that "Life Happens".  The question is, how do we get through these times and remain positive and joyous?  How do we not feel the weight of the sadness on us daily while we go about our usual routines? 

I guess that we must learn to take the things that concern us and make us sad and allow ourselves to grieve....but, to also find a way to heal and look at all of the wonderful things that come our way.  We can carry the memories that make us smile and reach for them when we are at our lowest.
None of this is easy, but a necessary part of moving on with our lives....

As we age, we find that our friendships become even more important than every before.  A quick call to a dear friend who listens to my deepest feelings and allows me to talk about it certainly helps to remind me that I am not alone on this journey.

Family, of course, is the antidote to so much of life's trials.  A quick Skype with my adorable grandchildren can bring me right back to gratefulness for what I have instead of what I have lost.

With that in mind, I think that I am going to end this very introspective (sorry) post with some recent joyous photos of my four loves....I hope that they put a smile on your face, too.



Beverly said...

Unfortunately as we age, we do begin to lose dear ones our age, and sadly, some even younger. Life is hard.

I know that must be hard on your dear mother, losing one of her good friends there at the "home." I have some friends who are encouraging me to sell my house and move into the community where they are. They are all older, and as I watch activities, I know I'm not ready for that yet.

I love seeing your grandchildren's photos. One is prettier or more handsome than the next. They remind me of something that happened when my husband died. He was well-known and well-loved in our community, and sympathy cards came in wheelbarrows (not really, but the mail lady said she had never delivered so many cards to one house.) One day as I was opening them, I opened one. It wasn't a sympathy card, but a birth announcement...a wonderful reminder that life does indeed go on, even when we are in the midst of sadness.

I hope that this year will be easier for you and that you will find joy in your growing family.

Susan Adcox said...

Very cute pictures!

My dad coped with the problem of losing friends by making younger friends. When he died at age 95 one of his newest friends was one of my ex-students, aged 30-something.