Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day

So, Wednesday (aka "hump day") is here...and I started my day very early...decided to get up and take my morning walk before the heat of the day kicked in. It was around 7:00 o'clock and I figured that it would be cool enough to have a pleasant enough walk.


It was incredibly hot and toasty and the humidity was thick and sticky and I found myself sweating bullets as I trudged through the neighborhood.Rounding the corner back home, all I could think about was getting into the shower!

So much for cooler mornings...looks like it is back to the treadmill in air-conditioning for me.


(For those of you who don't watch, "The Bachelor", read no further...)

So, it seems that Jake, the Bachelor, and his "fiance'", Vienna, are no more. (We warned you, Jake!) What a shame. What a shock! What a surprise!

I hope that you were able to read my sarcasm into those last few remarks... : )


Well, my dear girlie friend, Sharon, purchased a beautiful new Lexus SUV last weekend. Now, this isn't just any ordinary can talk to it and it listens and responds! For example, if you are too cold, you can push a button and tell the car (!) that information out loud and it will make the car warmer for you...and vice versa.

I told her that she should try and ask the car for money and see what it says...


In light of Sharon's new car, I decided to try and talk to my new-ish car, Subaru.

No response.

Go figure.


You may remember the issues that I was having with my bird feeder in the backyard. Even though it was touted as "squirrel-proof" very smart neighborhood squirrels outwitted it time and time again. Eventually I had to replace the perches with nails and tape the whole thing with duct tape to keep it together....put a large lid on top and, miraculously, the squirrels left it alone.

Well, evenually, the bottom fell out of my feeder and I knew that it was time to replace it. But, the nice thing about buying a feeder from Droll Yankees is that they promise a lifetime guarantee on their, I took it back to the hardware store and they replaced the bottom with a brand spankin' new squirrel proof bottom complete with new and improved collapsible perches that can only hold the weight of birds.

Sitting in my kitchen this morning, I began to observe the birds happily chirping and having a lovely breakfast of bird seed that I had provided for them.

Suddenly, I saw one of the backyard squirrels take a flying leap towards the feeder.

"Ah ha", I thought, "Let's see you try to stay on to my brand new '100% squirrel-proof' feeder."

He did. With his paws holding on to the little holes where the food was kept, he managed to hang on and have at my bird's food.

So much for "new and improved".


Time to get back to work on my pottery......ciao.

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Tabor said...

Squirrels are smarter than mankind. There are a number of videos on the Internet proving this. Unfortunately I think squirrels are just rats with bushy tails.