Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inner Peace?

Every day I receive an inspirational email from Jonathan Lockwood Huie. Lately, these messages have eerily paralleled what was going on in my life at that particular time and, sometimes, even on that day.

One of those issues that has been weighing heavily on my mind has been the fall that I had at a local P.F. Chang's restaurant here in town. After slipping on something that was on their floor, I fell hard and cut and fractured my nose. I recently went to a plastic surgeon after I noticed a bump starting to form in the area where the fall occurred. He said that I needed to have surgery to correct the bump caused by the fall....and it would entail shaving that section of the bone.

After several letters and phone conversations with the restaurant's insurance agency, I have been repeatedly told that they(the restaurant) are not at fault...there wasn't any negligence on their part... and that none of my medical expenses would be covered! The last call was highly emotional, leaving me in tears when I hung up.

After consulting with my ex, a lawyer, I was advised that the next step would be to file a lawsuit and take them to court.

I thought about this long and hard and spoke to several people about the situation. The whole idea of going through that process was extremely unsettling for me and very anxiety producing.

After speaking with my insurance company, I found that it should all be covered with the exception of a few hundred dollars...and, even though even one penny is more that I feel that I should have to spend...I finally came to the conclusion that my own emotional health was worth more than the dollars.

Just as I had made that decision....this was the daily inspiration that I received that next day...

Legally, I have two years to decide what action to the meantime I will be moving ahead in search of that "peaceful heart".....

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Tabor said...

What a wise email you got. So sorry for your fall and the coming surgery. It will all be just a story in the months to come.