Friday, December 03, 2010

I was crazy enough to go to a mall today....

What was I thinking?

I sat in traffic for half of the time....and looked for a parking space the other half.

Ah, the holidays.....

I made potato pancakes (latkes) tonight for me and Dave in honor of Chanukah. 

They were pretty good so he saved two for his morning breakfast before golf.  As my non-Jewish boyfriend put it when he saw the look on my face: "They are just like hash browns, aren't they?"

"Sure, I said, knowing that he was absolutely right...but, holding on to the fact that when they are made at Chanukah time, they are 'latkes', not hash browns.

I pick my "battles". : )

So, my newest favorite toys are the "Singamajigs".

If you haven't seen these adorable dolls, they are supposedly the "hottest new thing" this year!

They are singing thingamajigs, for lack of a better name.  You press the hand and it says "hello" it two more times and it says "sing".  You then press the belly and they each sing a different song.  This red one sings "Oh, where, Oh where has my little dog gone...." If you have a group of them, they can harmonize.

Very clever.  Very much fun.  I bought one for each of the older grandkids.....but,  I am having so much fun with it....that I may not even give it away as a gift!

My son, Adam, called me today on his way home from work.  It was about an hour earlier than he usually makes the drive home.  When I asked him why he was leaving so early, he answered: "Because we have blizzard conditions coming our way."

Winter in Minnesota.

As I said good bye to my very old, hardly functioning washer and dryer the other day....I headed to Sears to take advantage of their appliance sales and see what I could find.

A very nice gentleman helped me and spent quite a bit of time with me explaining the differences in these new front loading machines.

I took notes and then headed home to do my research.

I pretty much had made my decision when I called the gentleman back the next day.  I wanted to know if I could use my Visa card to purchase my new washer and dryer so that I could get mileage for airplane tickets.

Unfortunately, he was not able to do this transaction over the, I had two options-buy it online and use my Visa, or, head back to the store (not close by) and take care of it there in person.  If I did it online, he would not get any credit for the sale....but, if I did it online, I wouldn't have to get out and drive down there again.  If I went down in person, he would get the commission.

Trying to have a holiday spirit, I decided to go back down to the Mall and do the transaction in person.  He was so appreciative....and, I felt good having done it.

In the mail today I received the loveliest note from the salesman thanking me for going out of my way.  He went on and on and said how much it meant to him, especially right now during the holiday season.  I could really feel the appreciation in his words. It was such a nice thing for him to take the time to do.

Ah....Life's simple pleasures.
A week from tomorrow I will be winging my way to Baltimore and then on to Maryland to spend 9 days with Celia and Dylan.


: )

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