Monday, December 06, 2010

Walking through Target today, I watched a little boy staring at a big, toy truck...

It was shiny and new and was carrying about twenty small matchbox cars in the back.

He looked up at his mom and said: "Can I get this, Mom?"

"Oh no", she said, "Christmas is just a few weeks away and we need to wait and see what Santa brings you."

Not giving up, the little boy then said that he had saved some quarters and could maybe use them.  "I have ten quarters!" he proudly said.

"Well, it would take about 100 quarters to buy this truck, " she answered with a grin.

"Oh, wow!" he said....disappointed but absolutely amazed at the enormity of the cost of this wonderful truck. 

I smiled knowingly at the mom as I walked away to continue my shopping.

I have a strong suspicion that Santa will be delivering that very same truck to the little boy's home on Christmas morning... 

Cold day in Birmingham today....and it will be an even colder morning tomorrow starting out at 25 degrees and warming into the 40's.  I have to admit.....I LOVE everything about the cold weather!

I do feel a bit guilty saying that since the high today in Minneapolis... (where son and daughter-in-law live) according to the newspaper's weather map... was 7 degrees with snow on the ground.


I have now Skyped with both kids as they lit the Chanukah candles in their own homes.  I then watched them open a couple of their gifts from me.

It was nice to be able to observe a little of  their celebration of the holiday.  Not quite as good as being there in person....but, fun, nonetheless. I am grateful that my kids took the time to share the grandkiddos with Grammie!
Thanks, All!
:  )


Tabor said...

I am glad that you are able to join them via technology. It means so much when we are away from those we love.

Susan Adcox said...

How special that you were able to share the lighting of the Chanukah candles with your family. I gather that you will soon be on your way to spend part of the holidays with them in person. Have a lovely time!