Saturday, February 26, 2011

Returning home from my week away in Minnesota.....I never imagined what was waiting for me at home!

Walking into the house I immediately noticed a musty smell. Next came that "all too familiar" squish, squish sound of a soaking wet carpet...

"Not again!" I yelled this was reminiscent of my "Great Flood of 2010" ...and I didn't want to go through all of that mess again.

Unfortunately, as I headed upstairs I noticed that the hardwood floor in the great room was beginning to curl up and the tile floor in the kitchen was pretty much underwater!  Dave had picked me up from the airport and was with me as we investigated this source of water.  It turned out that the little tubing that goes from the water source to the back of my refrigerator (and feeds into the icemaker and cold water feature in the door) was leaking. 

Apparently, it was leaking most of the week that I was out of town and the house was empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a mess to come home to.

So, the carpeting downstairs is, once again, ripped up.....the big (LOUD) blowers are going 24 hours a day....the dehumidifiers are taking out the extra moisture in the flooded areas.....and all I can do is just walk around shaking my head in bewilderment that this is happening again!

Monday morning, the crew will be here to remove all of the furniture that sits on the hardwood floors, which will then be ripped up....and replaced.  Then, the carpeting downstairs will be replaced (again).  We are hopeful that the kitchen tile will be okay and not need to be replaced....but, time will tell on that.

I can't wait to see my water bill this month....and, I can't even think about what my homeowner's insurance premiums are going to do.

Such is life when you are a homeowner...

(look familiar?!?)

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Annie Joy said...

Looks familiar to me. We had the lovely fans going last summer after we returned from vacation. So sorry! Annie