Saturday, June 11, 2011

I had mixed feelings as I watched the men carrying my old bed to their truck today....

That bed carried a lot of old memories with it.  Some having my grandkids jumping up and down on it the last time they visited....and, some, not as having it there to remind me of my "aloneness" after my divorce was final........But, mostly, it is joyous as my grown kids always love getting all cozy in my bed when they come we watch tv together....or, just talk and laugh about everything and nothing.... : )

But, knowing that these men were going to be donating my mattress, box springs, and frame to a needy family affected by the recent tornado outbreak made my heart smile.

I am hopeful that it might be a small part of the beginning of someone's road to rebuilding after the tragic storms....and, a soft spot to land on when their days are tough....a beginning of new memories.

I wish all of the tornado survivors only good things as they put their lives back together piece by piece...

I know that it will take a lot more than just a bed....but, it is a start.

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