Monday, June 13, 2011

"So, what's new at "The Home"? I asked Mom yesterday....

"Oh, not much...." she answered.

And, then she began to tell me stories....and more stories....and more.....

I absolutely love hearing every little detail of her latest always makes me laugh as her tales go in one direction and then quickly switch to another and another until I am now hearing 5 or 6 other little stories.....each of them a "spin-off" from the original.

"Now, what was I telling you?" she'll ask, as her own diverging stories have made her forget  where we started.

Sometimes she even throws in a "to make a long story short" and there....which really gets me chuckling....especially as the tales get longer and longer.

But, she has my complete attention.

For, as I listen to her share her world with me long distance....I continually count my blessings for having my mom in my life....and,  I put these stories away in my heart along with my other treasures.


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Granny Annie said...

This is a wonderful post and you are so fortunate to be able to share these conversations with your mom. I wish my mother would have told us stories about herself. She was a great listener and that was a good thing, but she did not share tales of her day or even stories of her childhood and we are left wanting to know so much more about her. We did grow up with the sound of her lovely voice because she read us stories all the time and we do know for sure that she loved us dearly as we did her and that is the main thing.