Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Rainbow of Glazes" and some other stuff.

As I begin to make preparations for my Summer Pottery Classes, this is one of the projects on my "to do" list.  So that the women can see the variety of underglaze colors, I cut out clay circles, put a hole at the top (Thanks, Karen!), painted the underglaze on, fired it.....and finished up covering half of the circle with the clear, glossy overglaze.....firing it again...and, voila!  The names and numbers of each color are painted on the back.... I have strung them together with thin wire....and they are ready to go! Now ordering underglazes should be much easier!

As I laid them out, I had to go and get my camera as I thought that the beautiful shades of color made for a lovely rainbow.  It also made me think of all of the color choices that I now have as I get ready to get my hands in the clay again!   Ah.....

As I sit posting today, I have a heating pad on my lower back and upper thigh.  I am "warming up" before getting on the treadmill for my morning walk.  Yes, my sciatica is certainly letting me know that it is there again!

Who said that getting older was all fun and games? : O

Dave played in a "Scramble" Golf Tournament in Philadelphia, Mississippi  last weekend.(I am laughing to myself as I type out Mississippi while singing "M-I-double S---I---double S----I----double P----I"  the whole time! ....memories of childhood...).

Fortunately, his team of four came in first.

Unfortunately, his car didn't fare as well.

He ended up having to literally duct tape a crack in his radiator that was hissing as coolant made its way out causing the engine to overheat.

Duct tape??!?!

He also put in some kind of powder that he got at a gas station along the way home that supposedly would dissolve and adhere to the inside of the tank....stopping any leaks from the inside out.

Miraculously, he made it home safely without overheating his engine. 

Today it is in a Lexus shop being fixed.....but, as I sit here typing I can't help but wonder why he had duct tape in his car???? Hmmm.


I am having so much fun buying some little "happy gifts" to take to Celia and Dylan when I head up there a week from this Thursday.  Dylan is having a little surgery and I am flying up to help out.

I cannnot wait to get up there and get my arms around those two.  I have only seen pictures of 6 month old Dylan....the last time I saw him was when he was just a few weeks old.....and, Celia and I Skype once in a while.....but, nothing is the same as being there up close and personal!!!


Dave and I had the arduous task of opening up my backyard pool on Sunday afternoon.  This is a long process that takes a little skill and tons of  patience!

The first thing is to remove the cover, rinse it off, fold it up neatly....and, put it away until the weather begins to get cool again later on this year.  Dave has this part down to a science.  How he gets that huge, heavy duty cover into a small folded up rectangle is beyond me....but, he does! I am a lucky woman, aren't I?

The next step is to vacuum the debris that has collected throughout the fall and winter months.  This should be easy....but, is really isn't.

You have to connect the pieces and then (here is the hard part) lower the tubing into the pool and get all of the air out of it (this is called 'priming') as it fills with water. It is an important step in that you don't want to fool with air in the line. Sounds easy, eh?

Well, again this year, I sat and watched several instructional videos online of  in-ground pool vacuuming demonstrations.  Taking that "knowledge" with me and applying it to the task is a whole 'nother thing.

Dave held the telescoping pole in the deep end of the pool while I took the other end of the tubing and held it underwater where there is forceful water entering.  This should begin to fill the tubing while pushing all of the air out and through the head of the vacuum.  According to the videos, you know that this is working because you can see tons of bubbles starting to rise from the bottom of the pool where the head is sitting.

Well, we waiting and waited....no bubbles.

So, we switched positions and tried again.

No bubbles.

Dave even got the garden hose out and tried to fill it that way. 

No bubbles.

Bottom line is....we eventually just hooked everything up and began to vacuum and it worked just fine.

I'm still not sure what we did, but, bubbles or not, it worked.

Anybody want to come over and swim?  : )
OK.  The heat on my back has done the trick and I am ready to begin to move this body of mine on the treadmill.  I'll watch a little Regis and Kelly as I get my two mile walk completed in the cool air-conditioning.

This is a whole lot easier than vacuuming the pool.

Have a nice day, all!

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