Thursday, June 16, 2011

You can't fight City Hall.....or, can you?

Last Friday huge trucks came rumbling down my street.  I watched as their machinery "chunked" up the existing road....getting it ready to be paved.  They left quite a mess of rocks and broken pieces of the street, but, knowing that it would soon be covered with fresh asphalt, I didn't get too concerned about it.

Driving on the street became quite hazardous to my car as I maneuvered my way through sharp rocks and debris.  This area of broken up road was pretty much my entire neighborhood. When I went out walking I heard many people express their dismay over this state of affairs.  Rumor had it that the new road would not be put into place until sometime next week.  The question was then.... why did they chunk it up so early in the process?

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands....and call up the "man in charge" of all of this at City Hall.  Of course, I got his answer machine and left a synopsis of my complaint.  I was kind, but I always go back to the saying: "You can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinegar!".

I never really expected to hear back from him.

But, I did.

We had a lengthy conversation where he explained to me all of the reasons (excuses?) for the road not being paved until sometime later next week.  At one point my frustration level got a little high and I asked him if my city was going to pay for new tires for my car as well as an alignment?

After realizing that I wasn't really getting anywhere with this, I thanked him kindly for his time and for listening to my concerns. He apologized for the inconvenience and the call was ended.

A few hours later he called me back and let me know that he was working on getting the men out there before next week.  In my most "sugary" voice I thanked him and told him that would be wonderful.

Early this morning I was awakened to the "beep beep beep" sound of huge trucks making their way down my street.  I ran to the window and here is what I saw:

My road was being paved!!!!

I immediately called City Hall and left a glowing thank you message to the gentleman with whom I had spoken to yesterday!

Then, I went outside and personally thanked the men who were out there working and sweating to get this job done.

I never imagined that the sound of beeping would be so beautiful to my ears....


Granny Annie said...

You are indeed a mover and a shaker! Did you hug the fellows too? I've got some calls you can make for us too.

Grammie said...

Hi Annie
You are so funny! I only hug people carrying signs!!
Ha ha
Thanks for commenting....I always enjoy what you have to say!